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in the illustrated wall full of memories that keep a little talent of all who have passed through here. because we have a parking lot where to get a car is more complicated than play tetris. by having two bathrooms with tub in which only has bathed our goalkeeper. by stained glass of our boardroom in which an identical character is one of our creative directors. by having a spiral staircase where they say one person was killed; or by the ghost of that person who "frightens" to those who stay to work late. for the horrible chair shaped bone of our reception. by having a peach tree which we have never tried any. but we also like people we know by the campaigns we've done. for the ideas we brought to our clients. die in the line looking to do things differently, we get it or not. they do mourn campaigns that make grandmothers and ads that appeal to children. being a young but experienced and talent agency. being friends with our customers. by working every day to be better. but above all, we like to be known for being an agency more friends than employees.