Creative Conglomerate

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  • U.S.
  • Consumer electronics
  • Fashion/beauty
  • Alcohol
  • Travel/hospitality
  • Mobile
  • Digital
  • Direct
  • Social
  • B-to-B
  • Branded content


Founded in 2006 by Michael Quinn, Creative Conglomerate is a production studio based in NYC.  We produce video, photography, events, design and digital experiences for exceptional artists and discerning brands. The heart of Conglomerate is our team of producers and creative directors who are expert in the attributes & requirements of every media. The purpose of our work is to create a specific response from a specific audience:

  • Our info-graphics and gifs are designed to inform, impress and be shared.
  • Our videos, produced to make abstract concepts accessible, memorable and persuasive.
  • Our photographs, designed to stop, inform and engage.
  • Our events are both Experience and Context designed for influence far beyond the venue.

In addition to consistent quality, our clients value our:

  • Expertise in producing ongoing stories that resonate in earned/social media
  • Energy, process and experience for navigating productions through the contemporary corporate ecosystem
  • Familiarity with the creative resources and norms that are often essential to producing top-quality content for Luxury, Beauty, & Hospitality brands.