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FOX Business Network is a 24-hour financial news channel delivering real-time information across all platforms that affect Main Street and Wall Street. Headquartered in New York, the business capital of the world, FBN debuted in October 2007 under the leadership of FOX News Chairman-CEO Roger Ailes and is now available in more than 80 million homes in major markets across the U.S.

FBN is comprised of some of television’s biggest brand names, including Neil Cavuto, Maria Bartiromo, Lou Dobbs, Stuart Varney, Charlie Gasparino, Liz Claman, Charles Payne, Deirdre Bolton and now Trish Regan. The network’s programs continue to feature prominent and exclusive guests across multiple business categories and beat its competition in reaching the affluent decision-making audience.

Fox Business Network programs run “theme days” and “theme weeks” that offer sponsorship opportunities for advertisers, featuring tagged promos, on-screen branded graphics, hourly billboards and digital extensions. Recent examples include Real Estate, Charitable Giving, Boomer Retirement, Mortgages and Travel.


• FBN is in more than 80 million homes, a 177% increase since launch.
• FBN delivers affluent viewers: No. 1 affluent business network and the second-highest median income in 2014 basic cable.
• In first quarter 2015, FBN had seven of the Top 10 business programs with the highest median household Income. news