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We are Iris

Back in 1999, Iris was founded by a team of six people around a single client. Those six founders are still at the very heart of our business. Today Iris is a thriving micro network of over 1000 people. We deliver an integrated creative, consulting and technology driven product to progressive clients in over 14 markets around the world.

Over the last 18 years we’ve learnt that playing it safe in modern business is dangerous.
Our diverse skill-set means that we have the depth of capability to help future- proof and grow your business.

We are For the forward.

Always exploring. Restless. Never done.

Iris promises to help you find competitive advantage in the face of change and disruption.

We will help you take the bold leaps that create real progress.

We will move your business forward.

Our diversity of capability enables us to Create, Connect and Convert the value that will drive your business forward.

We’re constantly mixing and matching talent from across the agency to create the right team on each project.

We have experts with skills in strategic planning, creative development, content production, digital & social activation, digital acquisition, CRM, data analytics, PR, experiential, media, pricing and more.

We are part of something bigger

In 2014 we became proud members of the Cheil family and part of an ‘East meets West’ network of 55 news