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Noble People is a creative media agency.

One half of that equation is media planning. The aim of media planning is to find ways to spend the least amount of money possible to achieve your business goal. The key to achieving this is understanding that media can be anything between a brand & an audience and that technology & innovation beats scale. But unless you're asking experienced people with integrity to take that task on, you're probably just in game of media spending. And that game favors the guy with the most money.

The other half of the equation is creativity. Creative media planning means finding smarter ways to make an impact. It's what media planning should be, but sadly isn't, so we make that distinction. It means making that money count. If you want to see how that's done, click here.

In more conventional terms, our services are:

Media strategy, negotiation, buying and optimization (determining where you should invest your campaign budget and then fully implementing those recommendations) across all media channels
Brand strategy and positioning (uncovering the unique role your brand can play in people’s lives and how that affects brand communications)
Creative ideation (coming up with things) and creative amplification (making existing things better)