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By now most brands realize that creating a balanced mix of quality content is a must. Telling a great story with a blog, infographic or video can cut through the noise far better than traditional online advertising.

But how do you ensure the content reaches its intended audience? While broad distribution is important, building true engagement means getting multiple pieces of content in front of the same person, and in the right order.

OneSpot is the only content marketing platform that serially delivers multiple pieces of content to the same person, wherever they are online. With proprietary “content sequencing” technology, OneSpot takes a data-driven approach, optimizing the connections between content, audience and business results.

According to Luke Kintigh, Global Content and Media Strategist for Intel, “Enabling Intel to sequence and retarget content to the right users at the right moment, OneSpot was the difference between basic content distribution and content-driven relationship building.”

OneSpot works with global brands such as Intel, Johnson & Johnson, Whole Foods Market, and others--focused on driving business results from their content.