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  • Financial services
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Is what you sell relatively difficult to buy? Do you have wildly audacious growth goals? If you’re ready to drop the status quo and transform your brand, we’d like to introduce ourselves.

We’re Quarry, the modern marketing firm for brands with complex buying journeys. We create growth in two ways. Our Curve Jump® offer delivers deep, strategically actionable insight to reset organizational views of “the customer” and unlock new possibilities for innovation and team alignment around customers, not products. Blending art with science, our Growth Curve® offer accelerates engagement with customers using the right modern marketing approaches at the right time for exceptional, measurable results.

Quarry is an Oracle Eloqua specialized partner, the inaugural MarketingProfs’ B2B Agency of the Year winner (2013) and BMA's B2 Agency of the Year Finalist (2016). Intrigued? Let’s chat.


Richard Hill
Managing Director, Demand Generation
[email protected]
1.519.664.2777 ext. 2404