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Available in 48 million homes, RFD-TV connects with a highly engaged audience that is dedicated to the rural and Western lifestyle. As the leading cable network in the U.S. focused on serving the needs of rural America, RFD-TV reaches consumers who have significant spending power. These viewers include two highly desirable, yet often overlooked, consumer segments: rural Americans in C and D counties and adults 50 and older.

RFD-TV is the No. 1 destination for rural Americans who turn to it for music and entertainment, rural news, Western sports, agricultural and equine programming. Now telecasting live from new state-of-the-art studios in the heart of Nashville, RFD-TV delivers programming that reflects the values and traditions of rural Americans. With its revamped news production capabilities as well as new hosts and more live broadcasts, RFD-TV’s news programs “Market Day Report” and “Rural Evening News” are poised for continued growth.

Advertisers have the powerful opportunity to extend the reach of the RFD-TV platform to engage 100 million homes through multiplatform marketing campaigns on the network; online; at large-scale Western sporting events; on Rural Radio, SiriusXM Channel 80; and on sibling cable network FamilyNet.


• Available in 48 million homes
• 35% growth in household distribution since 2009
• No. 1 cable network serving viewers 50 and older in C and D counties

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