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Syfy is at the forefront of immersive storytelling, evolving the entertainment experience with bold, high quality originals that expand and progress across multiple screens and social media. It's how Syfy superserves its audience of Igniters--those most influential viewers who challenge convention and celebrate the power of possibility.

Now, Syfy is superserving that audience better than ever, offering Igniters active roles in powerful new shows through real-time, second-screen content and innovative social experiences.

The reason Syfy is singularly focused on storytelling opportunities for its audience? Independent research shows that Igniters behave differently than other consumers: They're faster to try new things, more social and vocal online, driven by passion and a love of inclusive entertainment, and they watch Syfy more than any other network.

Syfy's immersive storytelling doesn't just deliver a valuable audience. It creates unique opportunities for its partners. After all, a more immersive environment means a more engaging experience--and access to a more active consumer. Where Igniters lead, others follow. And their journey begins with Syfy. news