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TubeMogul is the leading software company for brand advertising.

TubeMogul’s advertising software enables the world’s largest brands to streamline their global, cross-channel advertising from a single platform. By improving transparency and leveraging real-time data, our software provides holistic planning tools, analytics and insights across television, video, display, mobile, social and other brand advertising initiatives.

The consumer journey is no longer linear and marketers must have strategies in place to provide a seamless brand experience, regardless of channel or device. While cross-channel is a top priority for brand marketers, management and analysis of advertising investment across multiple technologies adds further complexities to determining campaign effectiveness.

For strategists and practitioners, our software enables marketers to plan, buy, measure and optimize against both brand and direct response goals regardless of the channel. The technology not only helps marketers understand consumer interactions across screens, but also powers the right message across the right touchpoints at the right time. With flexible, customizable features and vendor agnostic integrations and API capabilities, TubeMogul’s software powers the advertising layer in a complex marketing stack.