Digital Video Ads to Get Viewability Reporting on YouTube

I n January, Google revealed that it would begin to let marketers and publishers know when their digital video ads are actually seen. As part of its 2015 viewable video ads roll-out, Google plans to extend its viewability reporting to YouTube ads bought on a reserved basis or through its NewFronts package called Google Preferred, which compiled the top 5% of YouTube channels into 14 packages for advertisers to buy. Google will let marketers and publishers know what percentage of their video ads were at least 50% in view and for at least two seconds, which is the standard set by the Media Ratings Council. This viewability reporting will be available to any campaigns served through Google's DoubleClick ad-technology system, including its ad exchange, but advertisers and publishers will need to use Google's DoubleClick reporting tools to view the stats.

Google now has a private video ad exchange, and has added more than 30 TV networks and premium publishers and over 20 advertisers to sell and buy online video ads through its Partner Select program. Companies selling ads through Partner Select include Fox News, Discovery Channel, Animal Planet, Food Network, Hearst Television, Rolling Stone, Us Weekly and Men's Fitness. And advertisers buying that private inventory include BMW and Allstate.

The viewability debate shows just how complex and challenging the digital video ad marketplace has become. If you are looking for partners to help you with your digital video strategy, turn to Look Book. 

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