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Shiny New Things

What Digital Adopters Want, How to Reach Them, and Why Every Marketer Should Pay Attention

By Laura Rich . March 15th, 2010 |

20 pages

Shiny New Things


Here it is: the next shiny new thing. The newest smartphone. The latest web browser. The iPad. And standing at the ready to praise or tear down the latest digital innovations: the early adopters, that group of all-powerful individuals eager to boost their well-earned reputations as those with the capacity to make or break the wannabe Next Big Thing. Their opinions have famously influenced marketers from Apple to Google. This Advertising Age Insights white paper presents a well-defined profile of the early adopter, featuring an in-depth examination of consumer habits and demographics. Marketers would be well served to listen to these passionate, formidable decision makers and to find out what makes them tick.

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