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The Reality of the Working Woman

With research partner JWT, and Ad Age Insights survey on attitudes of today's working women.

By Mya Frazier . June 6th, 2010 |

28 pages

The Reality of the Working Woman


This Ad Age Insights and JWT white paper explores the changing attitudes among multiple generations of working women and their increasingly dominant role as breadwinner in American families. It examines marketers' opportunities and strategies for reaching this powerful group of consumers, exploring how women's attitudes and their outlook on their careers, jobs and domestic roles have changed as the work force at large has changed so dramatically in recent decades. It questions whether the advertising industry has kept pace with societal changes through the imagery and archetypes they employ, and outlines opportunites for marketers that effectively reflect the new role women play, not just as consumers, but as powerful players in the once-male-dominated work world. It looks at the number of women in the work force, and explores what working woman are most worried about and what they wish marketers understood better about their day-to-day lives.

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