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What small and midsize businesses need to know about marketing: Your questions answered

Advice for small and midsize business owners on determining marketing ROI, social media, agency compensation and setting budgets from Ad Age Insights and Small Agency Diary contributors.

By . July 12th, 2010 |

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What small and midsize businesses need to know about marketing: Your questions answered


Ad Age Insights surveyed several of Ad Age's Small Agency Diary bloggers, leaders in the world of smaller clients with big concerns: Bart Cleveland, partner, creative director, McKee Wallwork Cleveland; Marc Brownstein, president, the Brownstein Group; Eric Webber, managing partner, Webber/McJ Communications; Phil Johnson, CEO, PJA Advertising and Marketing; Curt Hanke, co-founder and account director at Shine Advertising; Darryl Ohrt, president of Humongo; and Tom Martin, president, Converse Digital. We asked them each the same five questions, including how to measure return on investment, leveraging social media, budgeting for a marketing plan, and what skills and talent are most important to look for at an agency. Their candid answers are the basis of a new white paper aimed at helping small and midsize businesses continue to navigate the challenges as well as identify and capitalize on the real opportunities that exist for them. And in their answers are directives all marketers, both large and small, can learn from and build on. Here, a look at their answers to our question on how to determine the best agency compensation plan.

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