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Shopper Marketing Volume 1: Partners

Getting the relationships between marketers, retailers and advertising agencies right in order to best structure shopper marketing practices.

By Ken Schept . January 10th, 2011 |

16 pages

Shopper Marketing Volume 1: Partners

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  • $199.00

In this first issue of the Shopper Marketing series, the relationship between marketers, retailers, ad agencies and shopper marketing agencies is explored and analyzed to highlight best practices. Case studies from leading marketers such as Kimberly-Clark and CoverGirl are included, as well as spending projections, a listing of leading shopper agencies and their major clients, and tips and advice on how you should be approaching your shopper marketing practice. Other issues explore neuroscience techniques, case studies and search, social and mobile strategies. Ad Age Insights customers can purchase individual copies of each issue for $249, or $199 if you are already an Ad Age subscriber.

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