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What You Need to Know About Mobile Marketing 2011

A primer on mobile marketing in the U.S., benchmarks, best practices, glossary of mobile marketing terms. Power Point slides included.

By Kathryn Koegel . March 14th, 2011 |

38 pages; Power Point Slides

What You Need to Know About Mobile Marketing 2011

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Mobile marketing's moment is finally here. One fact the game-changing smartphones has proven beyond any doubt is that touch technology alters how consumers interact with their mobile phones and how much time they spend with them. Touchscreens are now rolling out on a host of devices, and smartphones are expected to be the majority by 2012. It's time to figure out what your mobile strategy is going to be. This Ad Age Insights white paper, updated for 2011, covers all the bases. Whether you're wondering how to get started using text messages, apps, search, activation, or couponing, you'll find clear explanations and helpful tips. Don't know your MMS from your SMS? There's also a glossary. Key market facts are included in 41 charts. This comprehensive overview comes from media research and marketing specialist Kathryn Koegel. This white paper includes a downloadable deck of Power Point-ready slides of key charts.

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