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Shopper Marketing Volume 2: Search, Social, Mobile

The sequential steps along the path to purchase -- awareness, engagement, discovery, investigation, selection -- have been disrupted by mobile. What works now?

By Ken Schept . April 18th, 2011 |

18 pages; Power Point Slides

Shopper Marketing Volume 2: Search, Social, Mobile

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  • $199.00

In this second issue of the Shopper Marketing series, Ad Age Insights explores how marketers can employ search, social and mobile marketing in shopper marketing efforts. The online exchange of information and opinions between retailer, brand and shopper now can be direct, ongoing and even face-to-face. Enabled and accelerated by digital, the changes in the shopper-retailer relationship also involve other trends and societal changes. Copies of this report, which include PowerPoint slides, can be purchased for $249, for non-subscribers, and $199 for Ad Age subscribers. Other issues in the series explore partnering with retailers and agencies, the burgeoning field of neuroscience and successful case studies from five leading practitioners.

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