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Mobile Marketing Volume 2: Couponing

How mobile devices and new promotional opportunities are creating consumer excitement and a whole range of new behaviors around couponing.

By Kathryn Koegel . May 9th, 2011 |

28 pages, Power Point Slides

Mobile Marketing Volume 2: Couponing

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  • $199.00

How marketers can employ mobile devices in coupon delivery, and deliver deals to consumers when they want them. The trend report examines who the top players are in couponing and what efforts are being made to convert coupons from printable and loyalty card programs to mobile, as well as what marketers can do to prepare for a mobile couponing future. A directory of companies is included, as well as 14 charts, downloadable as Power Point slides. Order this issue alone for $249 (or $199 if you are an Ad Age subscriber), or order the series for $595 (or $495 if you are a subscriber). If you order the series, you will get access to three other issues covering mobile commerce, location-based services and mobile metrics.

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