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Hispanic Fact Pack 2011

Ad Age's eighth annual Hispanic Fact Pack includes data on marketers, advertisers, media, demographics and agencies in the U.S. Hispanic market. Includes Ad Age's extensive ranking of Top U.S. Hispanic Media Agencies.

By Ad Age Data Center . July 25th, 2011 |

60 pages

Hispanic Fact Pack 2011

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Ad Age's eighth annual Hispanic Fact Pack includes data about marketers' 2010 ad spending, demographic trends, and rankings of top TV, radio, newspaper, magazine, online media and social networking sites. This digital edition available free until Sept. 25; available for $29 after that.

As marketers absorb key census data -- including 43% growth in the U.S. Hispanic population over the last decade to 16.3% of this country's population -- it's increasingly clear that Hispanics are the future of America. More than 23% of American children today are Hispanic. The U.S. Hispanic market has resumed, postrecession, its usual pattern of growing faster than the general market, with Hispanic media spending up by 8.4% to $6.8 billion in 2010, compared to 6.5% for all U.S. media.

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