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Mobile Marketing Volume 3: Metrics

Everything from couponing to commerce is transitioning to mobile, and marketers need data on usage and ad performance. Here's where to start.

By Kathryn Koegel . August 22nd, 2011 |

42 pages

Mobile Marketing Volume 3: Metrics

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It's an often lamented reality in marketing is that the most measureable medium of all, online, is also the one most awash in metrics that overwhelm rather than enlighten. But when it comes to complexity, nothing beats mobile metrics. To start with, marketers need to track three major types of devices: smartphones; feature phones; and a largish bucket called non-phone connected devices that would include tablets and many of the latest portable gaming devices. Then different modes of usage (sms, apps, the mobile web) needs to be tracked, as well as both wi-fi connectivity and carrier connectivity.
In this third trend report of Ad Age Insights' Mobile Marketing series, we examine what types of research and surveys are currently being conducted, how marketers can use them, and what companies are delivering the numbers. This report includes downloadable Power Point slides and a directory of relevant companies. Order this issue alone for $249 (or $199 if you are an Ad Age subscriber), or order the series for $595 (or $495 if you are a subscriber). If you order the series, you will get access to three other reports covering mobile commerce, mobile couponing and location-based services.

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