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Shopper Marketing Volume 4: Plans That Work

How do you craft insightful, effective shopper marketing campaigns? Here are five successful case studies from Kimberly-Clark, Con Agra, Taco Bell, Starbucks and Frito-Lay

By Lisa Terry . October 24th, 2011 |

16 pages

Shopper Marketing Volume 4: Plans That Work

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  • $199.00

Five case studies explore how shopper marketing techniques can introduce a new product, boost sales for existing brands, reframe how shoppers think about your offerings and how online activity can drive sales in-store. Copies of this report can be purchased for $249, for non-subscribers, and $199 for Ad Age subscribers. Other issues in this series explore partnering with retailers and agencies, the burgeoning field of neuroscience and strategies for search, mobile and social media. Ad Age subscribers can buy the series for $495, non-subscribers $595.

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