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Mobile Marketing Volume 4: M-Commerce

Is it a phone, a wallet or a mall? Mobile phones and tablets make it easier for consumers to research and buy. Learn who's already buying, how consumers want to buy and why your website needs to be ready for mobile.

By Kathryn Koegel . November 28th, 2011 |

28 pages, PowerPoint slides

Mobile Marketing Volume 4: M-Commerce

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Mobile commerce is talked about as one of the next big things of the retailing world. But e-commerce merchants and bricks-and-mortar retailers like Target and Best Buy are already noting signs of it, with consumers roaming their aisles doing everything from sending photos of products to friends to scanning barcodes for comparison pricing. For retailers hard-pressed to generate any kind of excitement over purchasing, adding another way to potentially buy -- or just get people in stores through mobile promotions -- is an important step. This trend report gives an overview of the factors affecting mobile commerce, as well as the state of tap-to-pay programs and how tablets are affecting shopping behavior. It also includes 27 charts, downloadable as PowerPoint slides. This page will only allow you to order a single copy of this issue. If you want to subscribe to this series, please go back out to the white paper store and click on the series order page. Other issues explore mobile couponing, location-based services and metrics. For non-subscribers, the series will cost $595, and a single copy will cost $249. For Ad Age subscribers, the series will cost $495, and a single copy will cost $199.

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