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Facebook 101: Are You Worth a Like?

Lessons on how to create compelling and fan-earning campaigns on the world's most popular social media platform

By the editors of Creativity . January 18th, 2012 |

35 pages

Facebook 101: Are You Worth a Like?

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In this trend report, the fourth in the Creativity series, the editors of Creativity shed some light on what it takes to create a truly standout Facebook campaign. Included are case studies of effective Facebook campaigns from the past year, representing a broad range of approaches and varying levels of technical difficulty. The key is the campaigns are worthy of their fans' time and reward consumers for their participation. This report also includes a roundtable discussion featuring six talented creatives behind some of the best Facebook efforts this year and who have deeply explored what works in social media and what doesn't. Brand fans can be a powerful asset for any product, and this trend report will help you figure out how to not only get consumers to talk about your brand, but how to get them to champion it to others.

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