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Dudes to Dads: U.S. Men's Attitudes Toward Life, Family, Work

How cultural, economic and societal shifts are affecting how men approach home, career and leisure time, and what that means for marketing to them.

By Lisa Terry . July 8th, 2012 |

40 pages, PowerPoint slides

Dudes to Dads: U.S. Men's Attitudes Toward Life, Family, Work

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What does it mean to be a man? Once upon a time, it was all so clear. Men were the ones who protected and provided for their families, led companies and countries and were looked to as the patriarchs of their homes and society. Boomers saw all that starting to change as the sexual revolution and the women's movement threw traditional roles into question. As Gen Xers came of age, a cultural transformation was in full swing and divorce rates were on an upswing. By the time millennials came along, it was a different world entirely. Now add a heavy dose of financial turmoil, an increasingly multicultural population and evolving social values, and you have a society that has swept away the underpinnings of traditional male roles. In this report, Ad Age Insights dives deep into the many ways men's lives today represent a significant departure from those of their fathers and grandfathers, using data from research partner GfK MRI and its Survey of the American Consumer. The report looks closely at where the generations agree, and disagree and where the behavior is changing towards their home life, work, shopping, media and how they spend their free time.

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