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Smart from the Start: How to Grow Your Small Agency

Is your small agency starting to outgrow its original framework? Here's how to move to the next level, with advice on managing talent, clients, revenue, partnerships and culture.

By Beth Snyder Bulik . July 22nd, 2012 |

20 pages

Smart from the Start: How to Grow Your Small Agency

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Whether you are already running your own independent agency, or just thinking about breaking out on your own, this report has key advice from those who are figuring it out every day. Ad Age Insights talked to many small agency founders to gather the best advice from those who have already built successful agencies on how to manage the unique challenges agencies have. Agency chiefs agree that while growth is sometimes fun and at other times challenging, managing that growth is always top of mind. They share what they did right, and what they wish they had done differently. This report offers insights on how to manage talent, new business, clients, culture, partnerships, communication and the management mindset shift necessary to grow your small agency beyond its starting point.

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