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Building Brands Online 2012

How digital is changing the way all media are bought and sold

By Kathryn Koegel and Evan Neufeld . October 29th, 2012 |

50 pages; Power Point slides

Building Brands Online 2012

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It's been 17 years, nearly two decades, since the internet became part of the media landscape. And still, the industry is wrestling with how to effectively implement branding messages in an interactive world. In 2010, Ad Age Insights published its first report on this subject, and this report looks at what has changed in the past two years. Digital, social and mobile media have shifted the way consumers receive and process branding messages, changing the way all media is evaluated, bought and sold. Marketers and advertisers are eager for change, and many on the front lines acknowledge that old modes of doing business are out of step with how people engage with media today.This comprehensive report explores how measurement is getting more sophisticated, more specific to the advertiser and more embracing of brand interactions and the debate around viewability. Also explored: How GRPs are moving from TV to online; automation of the buying and selling process; and how pricing of media will be influenced by automation. This 50-page report includes a glossary of digital advertising terms.

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