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How to Integrate Social Media Into Your Marketing Strategy

Best practices for social media management

By Keith Quesenberry and Michael Coolsen, Ph.D. . May 20th, 2013 |

27 pages, Power Point slides

How to Integrate Social Media Into Your Marketing Strategy

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In this report you'll learn:

Five practical methods for successfully listening to and engaging with consumers through research, crowdsourcing, branded content, customer evangelism and customer service.

Today's empowered consumers are generating and sharing their own brand content more than ever before. To succeed in their social media strategy, managers must let go of one-sided brand messages, and take an inclusive approach in their social media communications. The report showcases how integrating both company-generated and consumer-generated communications can create a cohesive social media marketing strategy for businesses.

*American Academy of Advertising Winner*
Ad Age partnered with Temerlin Advertising Institute at Southern Methodist University to sponsor a research paper contest for the American Academy of Advertising, an organization of advertising scholars and professionals with an interest in advertising and advertising education. This report is one of three winning papers that came out of that peer-reviewed process. Ad Age is committed to bringing the best academic thinking on current business problems to its professional audience, and to encouraging productive interaction between the two communities.

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