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Going Native: Content Marketing Strategies

How to turn brands into storytellers

By Beth Snyder Bulik . July 10th, 2013 |

24 pages, Power Point slides

Going Native: Content Marketing Strategies

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In this report , you will learn:

• Why having a content marketing strategy is crucial to your brand's future
• How "native ads," "content marketing," "content strategy," and "branded integration" are leading marketers to adopt a new theory of communicating with consumers
• How content marketing differs from traditional campaigns, and why that's important
• Six concrete case studies that show you who did it right, and who did it wrong
• Tactics that work
• How to implement content marketing throughout your organization
• What talent you need to hire

Consumer behavior, and the balance of power between consumers and media, has shifted dramatically in the past decade. Connected consumers are now in charge of what, when, and where they consume their individually preferred content. They are just as likely to tune in to content they enjoy on prime-time TV as they are to web-surf on a smartphone in the morning, even before getting out of bed. And let's face it, most 30-second ads are not the preferred content they're tapping into. That means the once-powerful media companies are no longer the sole gatekeepers and arbiters of what people get to watch. Constantly pushing disruptive messages in front of consumers is no longer a viable strategy. Marketers today have to shift from what they want to say about the brand to what their audience wants to hear. For more and more in the marketing industry, the answer, at least in part, is content marketing. Creating a cohesive brand strategy that tells the story of the brand, relays useful information and entertains consumers in and around the products and services offered makes sense in this new world. If the 30-second commercials, print ads and radio spots churned out for decades aren't preferred content, why not create useful and entertaining content that is?

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