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Smart Marketing Using Big Data

What Marketers and Agencies Need to Know

By Lisa Terry . July 29th, 2013 |

32 Pages

Smart Marketing Using Big Data

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In this report, you will learn:
• How to integrate Big Data in your marketing analytics
• 10 tips from leaders that have embraced Big Data marketing
• How to build a Big Data infrastructure and the essential technology needed
• Best practices on how to share Big Data business analytics with agencies and vendors
• The talent you should hire, and how to attract the best Big Data candidates
• How to decide whether to outsource, or keep operations in-house

Today, Big Data in marketing has a wide range of applications, from correlating ads and sales, to audience measurement, to predicting customer behavior. Leveraging Big Data in new ways is enhancing the ability to make advertising and marketing more effective, not just cost-wise, but in the ability to shape and target messaging in a highly customizable way.
Big Data business intelligence fuels more effective customer segmentation, one-to-one and real-time marketing. Distributed processing, cloud and other data-management improvements allow marketers to work with entire databases vs. sampling, in a quick and cost-efficient way. By combining multiple data sets, new points of overlap are discovered that provide marketing insights. Marketers can microtarget audiences with messages that are relevant to them in the channels they want to receive them. At a time when consumer expectations, fueled by mobile apps and the customer-first attitude born of the recession, are higher than ever; marketers are under pressure to support customer-satisfaction initiatives while proving return on investment for marketing spending. Learn how to integrate Big Data into your marketing strategy, in this essential guide.

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