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BtoB's 2013 Email Marketing

An Established Channel Evolves

By BtoB Intelligence Center . November 18th, 2013 |

51 pages

BtoB's 2013 Email Marketing

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What is the most important aspect of email marketing? An overwhelming number of the marketers we surveyed told us that measurement is job No. 1. But what are they measuring? What constitutes success? This all-new research report provides you with the 2013 benchmarks for the metrics that are the bedrock of the channel, including:

Open rates

Click-through rates

Deliverability rates

And much more

The 2013 Email Marketing: An Established Channel Evolves report will demonstrate:

The best way to deliver highly relevant content.

The tactics that marketers are using to measure the ROI of email marketing programs.

The role email marketing will have in the burgeoning world of social media.

The optimum timing to use email for customer acquisition and retention.

What's more, this report contains 51 pages of charts and analysis that you can immediately apply to your email marketing campaigns and are free to include in presentations.

This research is for B2B marketing managers and directors, email marketers, content marketers, and business development professionals looking to use email to as part of their overall marketing campaigns.

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