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BtoB's 2013 Lead Generation

Optimum Techniques for Managing Lead-Gen Campaigns

By BtoB Intelligence Center . November 18th, 2013 |

56 Pages

BtoB's 2013 Lead Generation

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The 2013 Lead Generation: Optimum Techniques for Managing Lead-Gen Campaigns report offers an examination into how B2B marketers are accomplishing -- or, in some cases, not accomplishing -- their lead-gen goals, and why.

Readers of this research will learn:

The most prevalent lead-gen metrics marketers are concerned with.

Marketers' projections of sales growth in 2014.

The most effective lead-nurturing techniques, combined with the types of demand-gen content marketers are using to drive those nurturing programs.

The state of sales-marketing alignment, and competitive advantages to be gained by optimizing here.

Obstacles marketers are facing in implementing optimum lead-gen processes.

What's more, this report contains a segmented breakdown of two key marketer constituents: technology companies and small-to-midsize companies. In two extensive appendices, the report breaks out the lead-gen practices of tech marketers compared with non-tech marketers, as well of SMB marketers versus large companies. The differences these two sectors experience and their best-practices in lead-gen illustrate how lead-gen processes can be optimized here based on company profile.

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