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Creativity Reimagined

Seven Trends Changing the Way Brands Market to Consumers

By Kevin Ritchie . February 26th, 2014 |

23 pages

Creativity Reimagined

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Marketing has changed so much in the last decade that when a new tactic arrives, it can be difficult to identify. Marketing strategies are continually being molded and re-shaped by technology innovations. Whether brand marketers and their creative partners are producing a low-tech Vine video, a pedestrian shelter, connected underwear or a real-time music video, a few underlying principles still apply.

This report explores the thinking behind the ways marketers and their creative agencies engage with consumers through building communities, co-creating with audiences, using social media news desks to produce micro video, partnering with media creators on content incubators, creating interactive outdoor campaigns, inventing with wearable technologies and rethinking approaches to packaging design and brand identity.

Brands can be movie makers, publishers, game creators, ambassadors, cause supporters and even public transportation providers. There seems to be no limit to how and where a brand can insert itself into the lives of consumers. This report explores seven trends that have changed the way brands are engaging with and talking to consumers. Included are interviews with the people behind the marketing strategies, as well as experts who explain why these strategies work today, and why they'll work in the future. Also included are case studies of campaigns that best illustrate these seven trends, which will help you discover ways your own brands can implement these creative strategies.

In this report, you will learn:

- How brands are building communities as part of their marketing strategy
- How co-creation is changing communication and brand messages
- How short-form video has brands rethinking how to present their brand personality, and how to approach their social media marketing
- How content incubators can bring in new ideas and new approaches
- What innovations in out-of-home advertising are leading to break-through creative
- How brands are using wearable technology
- How packaging can do the work of branding

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