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New School Video

How To Be Effective and Efficient with Video Production in a Content Marketing World

By Beth Snyder Bulik . April 7th, 2014 |

20 pages

New School Video

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With so many screens in front of consumers these days, agencies and production companies are shifting from a few big-budget production projects a year to many smaller-budget digital and social video projects. There are still "big shoots" that include getting footage for TV commercials, but the number of video elements that need to be created, shot and produced for many marketer's multiscreen approaches extend well beyond TV. On any one shoot, the director and producer may be tasked with shooting TV, web and social-network videos (which will hopefully go viral), behind-the-scenes footage, interactive video, Vines, Instagram Video, and more.

This report explores how some of the biggest marketers and agencies are shifting their production process to account for this demand, and give tips on how to work with production company partners in way that is both efficient and effective.

In this report, you will learn:

*How to get organized, plan twice, shoot once
* Planning, timing and shooting for video today
* Checklists for organizing the stages of your video production
* Tips and advice from top agency and production experts
* Case studies from marketers who are mastering the new demands of multiscreen video
* Today's production economics and budgeting
* Creativity's top production companies

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