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Mobile Marketing That Works

Strategies and Solutions from Real Marketers' Case Studies

By Lisa Terry . June 30th, 2014 |

18 pages

Mobile Marketing That Works

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Mobile marketing is a big tent. Under it are all kinds of devices -- phones, tablets, wearables -- and even more subchannels such as apps, messaging, mobile ads, audio/video, mobile web, location targeting, mobile gaming, mobile commerce and wallets. These can be leveraged to solve all kinds of marketing challenges that could never be solved before -- or at least, not as well.

Given the intimacy of mobile, the potential is even greater and the risk of alienating the consumer is more pronounced. No one wants to mess this opportunity up. That's why marketers are proceeding with caution, testing the waters to discern what audiences will embrace and what will turn them off. Industry groups are forming standards and practices such as opt-in to ensure marketing messages are welcome, and governments are keeping a watchful eye.

In this report, you will see examples of ways marketers are leveraging the unique power of mobile to impact their audiences in a variety of industries, as well as the lessons learned from campaigns that are helping to drive mobile marketing forward. Learn from case studies from Bank of America Merrill Edge, Volkswagen, Express and Neutrogena, and insights from South by Southwest, Macy's, Major League Baseball and Mondelez.

In this report, you will learn:

What mobile marketing does better than other channels

What obstacles need to be overcome for successful mobile marketing

How marketers are using iBeacons and BLE

Best practices and marketing lessons for mobile

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