Watch a Mobile Phone With an AI Chip Pilot a Porsche

By Brian Braiker | February 27, 2018 |

Artificial intelligence is a buzzword juggernaut. It's nearly impossible to separate the hype from reality. That line is equally fuzzy here at Mobile World Congress, but that doesn't make it any less cool.

Chinese networking and telecomm giant Huawei made headlines in January for releasing its Mate 10 Pro phone in the U.S. It comes with an embedded Kirin 970 chip, which the company claims makes it the first smartphone with an AI chip inserted in it. The phone, for example, can recognize objects you point its camera at, be it a puppy, a bicycle or a ball -- and adjust shutter speed accordingly.

It's also able to learn from the user's behavior; the company claims that over time it can predict what its user wants to do based on previous actions. It will also predict which apps you are most likely to use when, and allocate processing power accordingly.

That's all well and good. But the phone also comes with a software development kit that lets anyone hack away at its AI potential. In a span of just five weeks, a Huawei developer was able to turn the phone into a remote-control device that can drive a car. A gimmick? Sure. But it gave us the opportunity to hop into a "driverless" Porsche at Mobile World Congress.

"We're giving it the ability to not only recognize that it's seeing an object, but to understand what that object is and therefore maneuver accordingly," says Huawei global senior product manager Peter Gauden.

Watch the video above to watch us be taken for a ride.