Anatomy of an Ad: Chrysler's Pacifikids

By Nathan Skid and David Hall | October 20, 2016 |

A visit to a car dealership ranks somewhere between a dentist appointment and jury duty on the list of things many people would like to avoid.

But Chrysler found a clever way to get would-be buyers into showrooms to see its Pacifica.

Building on an earlier campaign, the automaker and its agency Mosaic enlisted a group of rambunctious children called the Pacfikids to take over a dealership in Victorville, Calif., for a hidden-camera shoot just outside Lucerne Valley.

It should be easy for these enthusiastic pint-size brand ambassadors to help sway real-life customers to purchase a Pacifica, right?

As Ad Age learned, what certainly isn't quite so simple is managing a group of spirited kids ages 8 to 11 via hidden earpieces as they prank unsuspecting consumers.