Are The NewFronts Pointless?

By Nathan Skid | May 16, 2017 | 3:15

What's the point of the Digital Content NewFronts?

Although they were inspired by TV's annual upfronts bazaar for ad time in the new season, and some buyers stake out some inventory after they see presentations by digital video publishers, the NewFronts haven't become an upfronts-style marketplace.

The dog-and-pony nature of the upfronts make sense for traditional broadcasters because TV has one thing digital does not: scarcity. The upfronts are essentially a futures market where buyers purchase ad time in advance. Missing out on the negotiations could mean paying much more for airtime later.

But a much higher proportion of digital video is bought either programmatically or on the so-called scatter market. So why waste all the time, money and resources to premiere a new slate of digital content at an event when a Youtube link will do?

We asked the some of the biggest digital publishers to find out.