AT&T - Accountants

February 03, 2002 | :15

MetLife didn’t care what mLife was. While AT&T and its Ogilvy & Mather tried to tease the telecom giant’s new wireless phone service with a series of mysterious unbranded ads in the lead-up to and during the Super Bowl, the insurance giant was more drawn to the potential confusion between "mLife" and its own brand. Immediately before Super Bowl XXXVI, MetLife sued to halt the ambiguous campaign.

The two sides settled after AT&T agreed to withdraw its trademark application, allowing a series of in-game spots, including 15-second teasers like “Accountants,” "Grandfather" and "Farmer" to air as AT&T intended. In the third quarter of the game, AT&T solved the mystery for consumers (more or less) with the minute-long "Belly Buttons."

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  • BrandAT&T
  • Year2002
  • AgencyOgilvy & Mather
  • Superbowl #XXXVI
  • Quarter aired