Avocados From Mexico - #GuacWorld

February 04, 2018 | :30

A year after a surprising presidential election got everybody concerned about whether they live in their own insulated bubbles, Avocados From Mexico's fourth consecutive Super Bowl ad introduces a group of people who have created a Biosphere-esque bubbled world. Chaos ensues when the bubblers realize that someone forgot to bring in any chips for guac, but they figure out some other ways to eat avocados. It's an actual selling proposition in a Super Bowl ad,  or at least a serving suggestion.

Comedian Chris Elliott makes a cameo, continuing the brand's tactic of employing recognizable but relatively affordable celebrities to enhance its big-game spots. Avocados From Mexico's 2017 ad featured actor Jon Lovitz ("Secret Society"); Scott Baio appeared in its 2016 ("Avocados in Space"). The growers' association made its Super Bowl debut in 2015 with the charming, football-themed "First Draft Ever," featuring NFL vets Doug Flutie and Jerry Rice.

Avocados From Mexico worked with creative agency GSD&M, media agency Havas Media and Richards Lerma for social media and digital execution.

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  • BrandAvocados From Mexico
  • Year2018
  • AgencyGSD&M
  • Superbowl #LII
  • Quarter airedQ2