Axe - Lifeguard

February 03, 2013 | :30

Are you tall, tan and handsome? Can you swim really fast? Can you punch a shark? Fine, but without Axe, you're doomed unless you're an astronaut. unless you’re an astronaut, that's you’re doomed with the ladies. This 30-second spot via BBH London, the first ever Super Bowl commercial for the brand, tied in with a worldwide promotion for the new Apollo line (and its U.K. counterpart Lynx) that offered contest winners 23 seats on a private space flight.

The winners went through training in Cape Canaveral, Fla., later that year and got their “space flight tickets” from none other than Buzz Aldrin himself. But the trip did not take place as originally predicted in 2015.

Axe was not the first Super Bowl advertiser to promise a ride into space. That was Volvo in 2005 ("Rocket").

Director: Tim Godsall. Production company: Biscuit Filmworks. Director of photography: Jess Hall. Executive producer: Orlando Wood. Producer: Rick Jarjoura. 

Creative: Wesley Hawes, Gary McCreadie, Diego Oliveira, Caio Giannella. Creative direction: David Kolbusz. Producer: Ruben Mercadal. Assistant producer: George Ancock.

Post production: Framestore. Sound design: Phaze U.K. Sound designer: Raja Sehgal. Music: Human.

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  • BrandAxe
  • Year2013
  • AgencyBartle Bogle Hegarty
  • Superbowl #XLVII
  • Quarter airedQ3