Bud Light - Bud Knight

February 04, 2018 | 1:0

Bud Light's "dilly dilly" king finds his man-at-arms in this conclusion to a three-ad arc -- and he's named "Bud Knight," of course. The blue-armoured, horse-riding character made his debut in the brew's medieval campaign in a 60-second Super Bowl spot that the brew released Feb. 1, the Thursday before the game.

The spot by Wieden & Kennedy New York concluded the story begun in an ad that debuted on Christmas Day and continued in the first quarter of Super bowl LII ("Ye Olde Pep Talk").

The campaign was netting roughly 1.1 million Google searches of "Dilly Dilly" per month and earning far more mentions for Bud Light in social media than before it began in August. But those positive vibes had yet to goose sales in any significant way. Bud Light shipment volume volume fell 5.7 percent in 2017, according to Beer Marketer's Insights.

"Step one has to be exactly what we are doing, getting the brand back into conversation in a fun way, connecting it to friendship ...that's my whole focus," Bud Light brand VP Andy Goeler told Ad Age. "If I'm able to do that for an extended period of time …sales will follow."

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  • BrandBud Light
  • Year2018
  • AgencyWieden & Kennedy
  • Superbowl #LII
  • Quarter airedQ2