Bud Light - Cool Twist

February 02, 2014 | :30

As advertising got easier for consumers to skip, packaging became all the more important as a marketing touchpoint and brand vehicle. So Bud Light spent something close to $4 million to advertise a package redesign? "Cool Twist" by Cannonball St. Louis is literally 30 seconds of glamor shots of an aluminum bottle with a twist-off cap, set to EDM music that viewers can't help but at least check out. Aside from a utilitarian resealable bottle -- who would complain about that? -- the shout-out to design speaks to the sensibility of those years, when consumers were more actively appreciating design, even in food and drink packages.

Then again, it was hardly the first time a marketer made a big deal out of a packaging change; just see Pepsi's "New Can," starring Cindy Crawford, from Super Bowl XXVI in 1992.

Watch to get a sense of a distinct marketing tactic that had been burgeoning in the years leading up to Super Bowl XLVIII, the call-to-action that proferred not a toll-free 800 number but the Shazam app on viewers' smartphones.

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  • BrandBud Light
  • Year2014
  • AgencyCannonball
  • Superbowl #XLVIII
  • Quarter airedQ1