Bud Light - Pencil Pusher

January 28, 2001 | :30

DDB Chicago had its hands full for Super Bowl XXXV, creating nearly half a dozen Super Bowl spots for Anheuser-Busch, including a Bud Light trio of comedy skits, the brand's standard genre of the time. 

Nearly another norm for Bud Light: guys too lazy to pay attention to their girlfriends unless there's Bud Light in the mix (see also 2002's "Satin Sheets").

In any event, it seemed to work in the context of the Super Bowl. "Pencil Pusher" took fifth place in USA Today's annual Ad Meter survey of entertainment value, and "Satin Sheets" won outright.

Omnicom's DDB, which helped introduce Bud Light in 1981, remained on the brand's roster for another 10 years before being cut from a review that ultimately went to McGarryBowen.

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  • BrandBud Light
  • Year2001
  • AgencyDDB
  • Superbowl #XXXV
  • Quarter aired