Bud Light - Voice Box

February 07, 2010 | :30

Auto-Tune, the vocal pitch correction software, seemed omnipresent in the year or two leading up to Super Bowl XLIV. As Ad Age reported in an entry for its "America's Hottest Brands" of 2009, Auto-Tune drove a series of YouTube videos called "Auto-Tune The News," in which Auto-Tune made Katie Couric and other newsreaders sound like they're singing; motivated Jay-Z's "Death of Auto-Tune" from “The Blueprint 3” in 2009, a complaint about the software's ubiquity in hip-hop; in national media coverage about all the Auto-Tuning going on; and in Apple’s app store, where a $2.99 app from the rapper T-Pain let you hear the effect on your own voice.

In “Voice Box” via Cannonball, with light echoes of the “Whassup?!” Bud campaign that reached the Super Bowl in 2000 and 2001, it’s Bud Light delivering the Auto-Tune effect. That's T-Pain, Auto-Tuner extraordinaire, in the closing shot.

Director: Michael Bigelow. Production company: Gartner. Director of photography: Salvatore Totino. Executive producer: Rich Carter. Line producer: Helen Hollien. Casting director: Ross Lacy.

Agency creative director/copywriter: Steve Hunt. Copywriter: Mike Binnette. Art director: Joe Bishop. Producer: Bob Jackson. Broadcast production manager: Mary Jarnagin. Account directors: Dough Murdoch, Cori Wilson.

VFX: AXYZ FX. VFX supervisor: David Giles. Executive producer: Irene Payne. Graphics: 90 Degrees West. Color: Notch. Colorist: Billy Ferwerda. Sound/music: In the Groove. Director: Brian Reidinger. Producer: Darren Drew.

Editorial: School. Editor: John Devries. Executive producer: Sarah Brooks.

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  • BrandBud Light
  • Year2010
  • AgencyCannonball
  • Superbowl #XLIV
  • Quarter airedQ1