Bud Light - Wine & Cheese Party

February 03, 2008 | :30

One of the strongest of six 30-second spots from Bud Light, "Wine & Cheese Party" via DDB Chicago was a classically funny Super Bowl ad featuring men hiding beer in cheese and baguettes. Anheuser-Busch spent $18 million on the light beer brand for the game, yielding six separate spots for the brand and leaving just one :30 for Budweiser, in an effort to boost sales in the face of growth from rivals Coor Light and Miller Lite.

Director: Prolific Super Bowl director Erich Joiner, whose other big-game work includes Bridgestone's "Performance Football" and "Performance Basketball" in 2012, Bud Light's "Skier" and "Meeting" in 2009, Bud Light's "But He Has Bud Light" in 2007, Honda's "Peaks" in 2005 and AT&T's "Gilligan's Island" in 2003. Production company: Tool of North America. Director of photography: Mark Plummer.

DDB Chicago managing director of creative: Paul Tilley. Group creative director: Mark Gross. Creative directors: Chuck Rachford, Chris Roe. Copywriter: Patrick Knoll. Art director: Steve Bougdanos. Executive agency producer: Will St. Clair. Executive director of production: Diane Jackson. Executive Producer: Marianne Newton.

Online/FX: Riot. Mix: Another Country. Mixer: Rob Binder. Music: HUM. Editorial: Rock Paper Scissors. Editor: Noah Herzog.

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  • BrandBud Light
  • Year2008
  • AgencyDDB
  • Superbowl #XLII
  • Quarter airedQ1