Budweiser - American Dream

February 05, 2006 | 1:00

The Budweiser Clydesdales return in a minute-long Super Bowl spot about a young horse that's too small to pull a wagon like the beer brand's usual stars. A Dalmatian dog watches as it stomps and struggles to rock the wagon forward. Two adult Clydesdales also look on with interest. As the music swells, the foal pulls the wagon out of the shed -- with a little help, it turns out, in the final reveal.

"American Dream," created by DDB Chicago, ranked second out of all the commercials in Super Bowl XL on USA Today's annual Ad Meter gauging entertainment value. (It still wasn't the highest-ranking Anheuser-Busch ad in the game; Bud Light and DDB's "Secret Fridge" took first).

Director: Super Bowl legend Joe Pytka, whose portfolio also includes Bud's "Clydesdale Team," Pepsi's "Goldfish" and "New Can," Gatorade's "23 vs. 39" and Sony's "The Trip.". Production company: Pytka.

Creative director: John Hayes. Executive producer: Tara Fitzpatrick. Copywriter: Patrick Knoll. Art directors: Steve Bougdanos. Editorial: The Whitehouse.

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  • BrandBudweiser
  • Year2006
  • AgencyDDB
  • Superbowl #XL
  • Quarter aired