Budweiser - Clydesdale Team

February 03, 2008 | 1:00

Called one of "the best of the night" by the New York Times, this 60-second ad features a wannabe Budweiser Clydesdale training for a spot on the beer wagon team in a "Rocky"-style montage, aided by a Dalmatian of course. The spot, brand Budweiser's only ad in Super Bowl XLII, ranked highest on USA Today's annual Super Bowl Ad Meter, which evaluates the entertainment value of the commercials, and came in second in separate IAG Research rankings of the most-liked and most-recalled spots of the game.

Like all but one of the bevy of Bud Light ads in the 2008 game, "Clyesdale Team" was created by DDB Chicago.

Director: super-prolific big-game director Joe Pytka, whose vast portfolio also includes Bud's "American Dream," Pepsi's "Goldfish" and "New Can," Gatorade's "23 vs. 39" and Sony's "The Trip." Production company: Pytka.

Group creative director: Barry Burdiak. Creative director: John Hayes. Managing director of creative: Paul Tilley. Group creative director: Barry Burdiak. Executive producer: Will St. Clair. Creative director/copywriter: Craig Feigen. Creative director/art director: Adam Glickman. Executive director of Production: Diane Jackson. 

Editorial company: The Whitehouse. Editor: Grant Gustafson.

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  • BrandBudweiser
  • Year2008
  • AgencyDDB
  • Superbowl #XLII
  • Quarter airedQ2