Budweiser Select - Ice Bottle

February 07, 2010 | :15

No horses, no babies, no jokes. Just 15 seconds of interesting news: "The lightest beer in the world." The ad, by Cannonball in St. Louis, was the Super Bowl debut of Budweiser Select 55, a new lower-calorie version of a 2005 Bud brand extension itself forged during a low-carb craze. Bud Select 55 was partly a response to the success of a 64-calorie line of Miller Genuine Draft called MGD 64. Further marketing in 2010 included heavy media support and a 15-story hot-air balloon shapped like a Select 55 bottle that traveled to festivals around the country. The brand did not return to the Super Bowl but established a secure spot on store shelves.

Our ad reviewer called “Ice Bottle” Anheuser-Busch InBev’s best spot of the game.

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  • BrandBudweiser Select
  • Year2010
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  • Superbowl #XLIV
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