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February 07, 2010 | :30

Witness one of two men-in-skivvies spots in Super Bowl XLIV (the other is Dockers' "Men Without Pants").

If your job is as flawed as the guy's in this spot, you certainly ought to use to find something better. CareerBuilder's internal marketing team is using humans here instead of its earlier chimps (see "Monkeys," 2005), dictated perhaps by the ad’s genesis in a "Hire My TV Ad" contest for consumer-generated work, but the gist remains the same. Like the Super Bowl spots over the years, the ad is longer on stoking job dissatisfaction than arguing one job site's merit over another. ( also advertised in Super Bowl XLIV with "Fiddling Beaver.") But that’s just as well: There’s probably no keeping a job hunter on just one service. That makes brand awareness the entire goal, one for which the Super Bowl can prove exceedingly handy. 

The idea for "Casual Fridays" was submitted to the "Hire My TV Ad" contest by freelance video editor Matthew Gahan.

Director: Craig Gillespie, who also directed's "Timothy Richman" in the same game. Production company: MJZ. Director of photography: Emmanuel (Chivo) Lubezki. Executive producers: Lisa Margulis, David Zander. Producer: Deb Tietjen. Assistant director: Christian Van Fleet. Production designer: Alison Sadler. Casting director: Cathi Carlton. Production supervisor: Brendan Kling.

Careerbuilder chief marketing officer: Richard Castellini. Senior director of advertising: Cynthia McIntyre. Marketing coordinator: Chu Chang. Creative director/copywriter: Jeff Martin. Creative director/art director: Matt McIntyre. Producer: Ben Latimer.

VFX: Filmworkers Club. Colorist: Mike Mazur. Lead effects artist: Rob Churchill. Graphics artist: Rick Thompson. CG artist: Charlie Peterson. VFX set supervisor: Kathy Siegal. Producer: Derek de Board. Executive producer: Mary O’Gara.

Editorial: Beast. Editor: John Dingfield. Producer: Kimberly Walsh. Assistant editor: Mark Bachara. Executive producer: Melissa Thornley.

CareerBuilder took a year off from the big game and then burst back into the Super Bowl in 2012 with "Business Trip" -- and chimps.

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