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February 04, 2007 | :30

Following "Darts" in the second quarter and "Promotion Pit" in the third, and Cramer-Krasselt concluded their trilogy of Super Bowl XLI ads with "Performance Evaluation" in the climactic fourth. (The Colts actually had the game against the Bears pretty well in hand not long into the fourth quarter, so "climactic" might be an overstatement, but that's a perennial gamble for Super Bowl advertisers, and buying ads throughout the game allowed to be sure it got its shots in.)

Although the jungle ads fared fine on USA Today's annual Ad Meter gauging entertainment value, with "Darts" ranking 16th out of 57 ads tracked that year, decided to put its account in review later that month. According to the telling by Cramer-Krasselt, which angrily declined to participate in the review, was upset about failing to crack the top 10 in the Ad Meter depsite passing rival Monster in listings and traffic during its time with the shop.

"To our amazement, to our total astonishment, all that astounding business success was less important than one poll," Cramer-Krasselt President Peter Krivkovich said in a memo to staff. "C-Kers, we have to tell you -- in our entire history, hell in the history of this crazy thing called advertising, I'm not sure there has ever been any thing as baseless or as unbelievable as that. It's so ludicrous and they are so serious about that poll it's almost funny." returned to the Super Bowl in 2008 with a different agency, Wieden & Kennedy, though its new spots, "Firefly" and "Follow Your Heart," didn't make the top 10 either.

The Ad Meter began in 1989, when American Express and Ogilvy & Mather won for an adventure with Dana Carvey and Jon Lovitz ("Dana and Jon Do Miami").

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  • Year2007
  • AgencyCramer-Krasselt
  • Superbowl #XLI
  • Quarter airedQ4